About Us

Cutting Edge Die Design is a full service tool design and consulting firm specializing in complex progressive, line and transfer dies.

Cutting Edge Die Design
started in 2009 when we saw an opportunity to create a money saving win-win situation in the midst of the strongest economic downturn in recent history. 

There’s no need to hire additional employees when you can count on expert independent designers to fill the gap during your busy cycles. And with the flexibility to work for a number of die manufacturers Cutting Edge Die Design is able to maintain a steady work flow.

Our design team is headed up by Adam Glanville an expert die designer with 10 years experience as a journeyman die maker and 10 years as a designer. 

With extensive experience at all levels of die manufacturing, Cutting Edge Die Design has the knowledge and expertise to foresee potential problems during the design process and offer solutions to eliminate press-time.

Look to Cutting Edge Die Design to design a repeatable, durable tool, utilizing less stock saving you and your customers valuable time and money.

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616.481.1615  • cuttingedgediedesign@gmail.com
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